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Sapphire Global School

A gamut of rich cultural as well as academic programmes, to encourage the students in identifying their own unique strengths thereby contributing to the society in turn, Sapphire Global school is an endeavour towards developing creative and independent individuals for tomorrow. This institute has envisaged a holistic education with strong sense of values, combining academic excellence, a state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities of the top level, making it global in the real sense.

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From the Director's Desk

Sapphire Global is the result of a well known educator's vision and it embodies his commitment to nurture torchbearers for the nation through access to quality education.

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Sapphire Global believes in being the wind beneath the child's wings, and the school ensures that they develop strong roots. The curriculum is varied, to give...

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News & Events

  • On 03/09/2016
    Primary students celebrated Teachers Day.We were surprise to see wen the students makeover resembled us.
  • On 02/09/2016
    Pre-Primary teachers day celebration was conducted today. Parents had taken the initiative to become the teacher.They had handled the classes and put on there effort and idea and even used new method to explain and teach students. Board decoration, class decoration and then even made the Class worksheet for the students.
  • On 24/08/2016
    Pre-Primary & Primary are celebrating Janmasthmi by doing a small play where teachers have become Radha & Krinshna. All Pre-Primary students have dressed up beautifully.And at the last they have ended the celebration with breaking the dahi handi.
  • On 23/08/2016
    Shivam Solanki of Grade 8th selected for National level Kabbadi competition under 17.
  • On 23/08/2016
    4 Students selected for Second Level quiz competition "Bharat Ko Jano" Group I: Karnavi Bhatt Grade VII Vaibhav Tiwari Grdae VIII Group II: Shivam Dalia Grade IX. Shruti Sahu Grade IX.
  • On 09/08/2016
    Red color was celebrated by Pre-Primary section.Red is very string and powerful color.Color of caution and energy.Students of Nursery did thumb printing the drawing given.
  • On 08/08/2016
    Yellow day was celebrated by Pre-Primary section.Colors fill our lives with glory.To know about primary and secondary colors and getting aware about it students tried mixing primary colors to form secondary colors and learn about them.
  • On 01/08/2016
    Audio and Visual is very important concept of learning and helps in cognative development .The students of Prep-Jr.Kg were given an object where in they had to recognize the object and say few lines about it.
  • On 23/07/2016
    Grade 5th & 6th had visited Trans Cube Science Park. Exploring themselves in the world of science & technology.
  • On 19/07/2016
    Guru Purnima Celebration.THE TEACHER AND PARENT-THE PREACHER AND FRIEND. To honour the divine GURUS and spread our Indian culture of "Guru Devo Bhava" primary students gave gratitude to their gurus.
  • On 16/07/2016
    Students of Grade 9th to 10th visited Ved Innovative Science Park to ignite revolutionary concept in education based on fun,hand technical experts.
  • On 08/07/2016
    General Medical Check-up(Pre-Primary Section) examined by Dr.Chirag.
  • On 08/07/2016
    Race way competition was conducted of Grade Prep-Nursery B.Winner are: 1st Prize: Shah Ansh 2nd Prize : Dalal Hem 3rd Prize : Javia Yesha.
  • On 04/07/2016
    General Medical Check up (Primary Section) was examined by Dr.Purav Pandya.
  • On 02/07/2016
    Parents Teachers Meeting of Prep-Nursery was conducted to give the general Instruction.
  • On 01/07/2016
    Race Way Competition Pre-Nursery.Race way competition was held on 1st July´16 for Pre-Nursery. Winner are : 1st Singh Rudra S 2nd Shah Dwih A 3rd Rachhadia Naiti J
  • On 30/06/2016
    Science Activity.(Pre-Primary).Ice Cream Activity conducted on 30th June´16. This experiment was done to know about liquid and solid state and how the Ice Cream can be made in 15Mins at home ingredients used were ice,milk,salt,sugar,vanilla essence,container.
  • On 27/06/2016
    Investiture Ceremony.All the members of Student Council were given their Badges And Oath about their responsibilities for School.
  • On 25/06/2016
    Mother´s workshop was held on the Kiwi fruit recipe.It was been conducted by Mrs.Mukti Shah (LG Chief).
  • On 24/06/2016
    Student Council Election. Being a democratic country,Students given right to elect their Head Boy,Head Girl &House prefect.
  • On 21/06/2016
    International Yoga day
  • On 13/06/2016
    School Reopen(Primary Section).Students stepping into their new academic year full of joy and excitement.
  • On 15/04/2016
    Summer Camp was held from 15th April´16 to 7th May´16.Activities conducted were: Drawing, Dance,Music (Tabla and Keyboard),English Spoken.

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