From the Director's Desk

Sapphire Global is the result of a well known educator's vision and it embodies his commitment to nurture torchbearers for the nation through access to quality education. With joined efforts of JC Group & Epiic Realty, Sapphire Global is a commitment to soar higher towards excellence.

An educational institute has great responsibilities and expectations of moulding the children of today into better future citizens and that is our objective. It is our dream to establish our institution that would provide education in imaginative, creative and positive way to draw the best from students of different learning and performing abilities, a community where children can discover who they are and where their interests lie, giving them an opportunity to recognize and utilize their energies positively. In an atmosphere where they have the courage to take their minds for a walk and ask curious questions, a comfort zone where they can relax and think, an interactive area where they learn to apply a self-imposed discipline, achieving the goal of changing the dynamics of education and bringing in a new revolution.

Sapphire Global is the face of the winds of change, equipping the students to emerge as holistic human beings who continue to grow in knowledge, curiosity, courage, creativity, achievements, confidence, competence with a sense of fulfilment and understanding. We believe that the task of building a new world must find support in our schools, where our young students must be educated in a new perspective, so that they can bring about a change in the dynamics of human relations in the world outside.

News & Events

  • On 09/03/2019
    The main objectives of organizing Science exhibitions are: promoting interest in Science and Technology among younger generation. encouraging scientific and technological creativity among students and inculcating a sense of pride in their talent.
  • On 15/02/2019
    Educational trip (Pre-Primary)
  • On 01/02/2019
    Activity: Quiz on India (Pre-Primary)
  • On 26/01/2019
    Republic day celebration
  • On 24/12/2018
    Christmas celebration.
  • On 22/12/2018
    Annual Sports Meet Week 2018- ‘19
  • On 01/12/2018
    Report reading of SA-1 Exam 2018-19.
  • On 01/11/2018
    Master chef competition
  • On 08/10/2018
    Navratri Celebration
  • On 05/09/2018
  • On 31/08/2018
    Janmashtmi Celebration
  • On 15/08/2018
    Independence Day Celebration
  • On 14/08/2018
    Workshop on "child abuse"
  • On 03/08/2018
    National Clown Day
  • On 30/07/2018
    Sports achievement
  • On 27/07/2018
  • On 24/07/2018
    Investiture Ceremony
  • On 07/07/2018
    Physical Health Check-up
  • On 06/07/2018
  • On 03/07/2018
    Election Council
  • On 29/06/2018
    International Mud day
  • On 29/06/2018
    Scout & Guide workshop
  • On 21/06/2018
    Yoga day celebration.
  • On 16/06/2018
    Father´s day celebration.
  • On 08/06/2018
    Orientation program for Std 1 to 4.
  • On 07/06/2018
    Orientation program for Std 5 to 8
  • On 04/06/2018
    Orientation program for Pre-Primary Section.
  • On 31/05/2018
    Orientation program for Std 9 & 10
  • On 18/11/2017
    Admission open for session 2018-19
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